What type of registrations will the puppies have?
Our puppies will be sold with an AKC “Limited Registration” basis means they cannot be bred. Buyers will receive a copy of their limited registration AKC paperwork when they pick up their puppy. The final copy will be mailed to the buyer after we receive proof of spay/neuter. We do require that you show proof of neutering by 6 months of age to ensure that the English Cream bloodlines we have worked so hard to create are preserved.
How much does a puppy cost?
The decision to purchase a puppy is not one to take lightly. An investment in a new “family” member is one that you will enjoy for the next 10–15 years. Red Rock Goldens has spent considerable time looking for the highest quality dogs with champion bloodlines. By doing so, we achieve the right balance of “look,” temperament, and overall conformity to breed standards. Our puppies/litters will be priced based depending on the breeding combination with Limited Registrations. A partially refundable deposit of $500 will be applied to the overall price of the puppy.
What vaccinations will the puppies have?
All puppies will have received all necessary vaccinations based upon breed recommendations and will have been dewormed for the first time. Each of our puppies come with a warranty that requires you to have your puppy checked by a vet within 72 hours after picking up your puppy. Your vet will need to check for any communicable diseases during that period. Your vet will also recommend a time to get follow-up “puppy shots.” Most vets recommend puppies to be revaccinated every 2–4 weeks until 16 weeks old.
What type of guarantee do you offer?
Red Rock Goldens provides a 2 year guarantee on all puppies.  We strive to only provide the highest quality puppies and feel strongly about offering our buyers peace of mind when working with us.  Full details of our warranty can be found in our puppy contract.
How do I reserve a puppy?
We ask that you contact us prior to placing  a partially refundable deposit for your puppy of $500.  Important:  We will not accept a deposit until we have spoken to you or provided instruction to place a deposit.  We realize that sometimes “life” happens and you may need to change your mind on taking one of our puppies home.  If that happens, we will refund half of your initial deposit ($250) to account for the additional time and care the puppy may require.  Your deposit ensures you will receive the puppy you have chosen when they are ready to go to their forever home around 8–10 weeks of age.
Why must I pre-choose a puppy at my time of deposit?
Pre-choosing puppies ensures that everyone can pick up their puppy at the same time rather than having to wait in line for other new owners to pick out their puppy.  At five weeks, we will contact our buyers based on order of deposits received and begin the selection process.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the temperament or overall features of the puppy you have in mind, and will work with you to provide photos and/or videos to support our views on the puppies at various ages.  We know each of our puppies individually, which is the advantage we have when raising one litter at a time.
How do I place a deposit?
Deposits will be accepted via cashier’s check, or PayPal, which ever you prefer.
When can I pick up my Red Rock Goldens puppy?
You are welcome on Puppy Adoption Day to come visit us at our home in Pella.  At the time of your deposit, we will let you know the date our furry babies will be able go to their forever homes.
Can I visit Red Rock Goldens before Puppy Adoption Day to see my puppy?
Our veterinarian advised, and we agree, that exposing our kennels to outside germs before puppies are 6–8 weeks could harm our four-legged family, and as a result, we will not provide tours before Puppy Adoption Day.
I live in another state. Will you ship puppies?
Yes!  We will ship puppies via Delta Airlines for an additional $400 charge.  A travel kennel will be included in that price.  We will try our best to ensure that our puppies have the most direct flights possible.
Does the flight negatively affect the puppies?
In short—no.  Our own dogs were flown in from International and domestic locations at 8 weeks of age, and we can assure you, they travel well at this age.