Aspen was our first step towards this English Cream journey back in 2011.  We imported our female Aspen from the top Butterfly Kennel in Poland in 2011 and have never looked back.  Aspen’s parents are international Champions several generations back, and her father hails from a prestigious kennel in Holland. aspen-puppyWe NEVER go out in public with Aspen without someone commenting on what a beautiful dog she is, but her true beauty lies in her sweet and loving nature.  She is a kind soul who always greets you with a smile, and loves to have her belly rubbed.  Even as a puppy, she was always well-behaved, and loves to spend time with our family.  Aspen has a wavy cream coat with white accents, and dark round eyes that look right into your heart.

Today, Aspen is retired and living a life of “luxury” as the matriarch of our dog family.  She has been a tremendous teacher to the new “girls” often putting them in their place, but always willing to go for a run around the property just to show them who is still “boss”.




Lotte is our latest “European” import and comes to us from one of the top kennels in the Netherlands, Hellacious Acres.  Thanks to Bart/Charmaine Van Maren for entrusting one of your “girls” to us.  We waited for almost 2 years to have a chance to “adopt” a female from this pairing.  With Chad’s frequent travel to the Netherlands for work, Lotte’s homecoming aligned and after +16 hours of air/car travel, Chad personally brought her back in late November 2018.  Lotte’s father holds numerous country level and Int. Show champion titles and this genetic line has produced some of the most consistent Int. Show Champions over the past several years. Currently Lotte’s brother and sister are working their way up the championship ranking in Europe with several Jr. Championship titles already awarded.  Lotte’s health clearances are all clear including is GRA1/2, ICH, MD, NCL and PRCD-PRA.


Lotte waiting for her flight from Schipol Airport, Amsterdam


As we have worked with her, she has developed into a tremendous example of the “English Cream” personality and conformity.  She has beautiful feathering in her coat and presents with other very “fine” features.  She is an unbelievably intelligent dog who is always ready to play, go for a walk or a run around our property.  She will sit for hours at your feet, just happy to have contact with you.  




Dolce is our next up and coming star….  We were thrilled to work with Texas Rose Goldens as the Finish/Russian lines of both of Dolce’s parents were something we were familiar with and excited to introduce into our breeding program.  


Dolce as a puppy and her new big sister

Dolce is our laid back girl, content to follow her big sister around or flop down on the floor and watch the world go by.  We can’t wait to see the “style” of puppies Dolce will offer as she is a slightly larger frame and squarer head/muzzle structure than our other female.  She has developed a beautiful, straighter coat with long feathering.  Dolce’s health clearances are all clear including GRA 1/2, ICH, MD, MCL, and PRCA-PRD